Alima's Baby 2 Baby Pet App Reviews

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Not very good..

First of all, the graphics can be updated. The light is killing me!!!! I can’t see a thing!!

The exposure is up WAY TOO HIGH!!!!!

The only problem I have with this game is that the exposure is up so high I can barely see what’s happening on the screen.

It’s okay but ...

Fix the brightness issue !


It’s sooo much fun


So i saw this meme of the baby all anorexic and shi and i was like lemme try so im basically gunna make him super fat then leave him for a week

i’m so lost

i literally had to leave my phone for an hour and my baby’s already boutta snap in half like a kit kat???? what is this supposed to happen wh and the lights

2 different games

1 game is for android and the other is for iPhone. Which don’t have the same rooms like a crawling room or some room with a duck he dances with. Not fair we should all have the same rooms.

Brightness problem

He only way I can see is if I turn the lights off. not the best


Can it die?


Anytime I have the lights on it’s extremely bright, please fix this

Bright light

I agree with most of the reviews I’m seeing - there should definitely be an update or something to fix this problem - I, too, am having a bright light problem, I can only see the outline of my baby because it’s like there’s a bright light shining on it. The only way I can really see the baby is if I turn the lights off but then I can’t really do anything because my baby is asleep. Please fix this!

need fixes

i love this game but can only see when light is off!


Why can’t he grow like get older ?


Made my baby so fat it looks like it's going to pop, and after it got sick I let it lay on the changing table flailing its arms around while kicking and screaming 😂

Bright light problem

I love the game but I don’t like the bright light on it I can’t see my baby, I can only see it when I turn off the light it will be awesome if you guys fix that

Doesn’t work

It’s an okay game.. the concept is good but it doesn’t work! The light is too bright and none of my health settings (food, happiness, etc) go down, which destroys the purpose of the game.


Who came from Instagram? Lol

Hate it

Good but lower light !


I can’t see anything because it is too bright... if I turn off the lights it is too dark! Fix it please so I can enjoy your game thank you:)

Light problem

I like the game but I can’t see when the light is on it is so bright almost everything is white. I tried lowering my brightness and looking on the settings. Could there be an update to help fix this problem please


my baby is a rexy now 😎

Love it, just wish it sent push notifications!

I really love this app, I just wish it sent push notifications a few times a day to remind you. It would also be nice if there were an option to change the race, gender, name, etc to make it more personalized.

problem with hair.

I cant put hair on my baby, I did buy two of them and they just don’t show up at my baby’s head, help 😩

5 diaskk

dando cinco estrelas em homenagem a menina do twitter que deixou o bebe cinco dias sem comer

fat is fun😏

i like make baby fat. fun.🌂🧠🏆🎲😘👺😇

Anorexic baby

I just come here cause a meme


All you do is change him, feed him, wash him, give him medicine, play with him, and then he goes to bed. The clothes are to high to buy right along with the hair and toys. Its boring. And this light really hurt my eyes 👀 and the baby stays small no matter how much I feed him. And I can’t take a pic of him unless I screenshot, there’s no camera on the game


I love when my baby gets anorexic (;

Best game ever 👏💯

I strongly recommend this game to all future mothers out there!! Top quality experience and shows you how difficult it is to be a mother. But since I was voted top ten mothers of 2017, I enjoyed this experience.


My baby looks like it’s addicted to meth...

I'm so bored

I'm on level 12, and I guess there are no more rewards... my baby owns everything already... sigh Oh and your duck makes the game freeze.

help with brightness😭😩

the game is so bright i can't see my baby unless the light is off then my baby goes to sleep😢 fix it i really wanna play the game!!! thank you😊

It's very basic. 💩

The game is very basic and the baby is kind of ugly 👽. We should be able to pick our baby's skin color, eyes, hair, nose etc. Plus the game doesn't give you any instructions, you have to kind of figure things out as you go. Kind of like being a parent irl.

There's updates needed

⚠️⚠️⚠️🌈🌈🌈🌈☮️☮️☮️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️So I like the concept of the game, but I have this uncontrollable, bright light problem, and I can't see anything! If I want to see I have to turn OFF the lights to see anything😒and too, I think the graphics could kinda be more upgraded. There should be more realistic interactions and more activities WITH your baby. It should have A lot more human things in there instead of "basic" things ya know what I mean? I'm pretty stoned so I'm getting into the dets. Just saying bro, this game needs an upgrade, A GREAT ONE. Awessome upgrade = more, and HAPPY🌞, customers☮️. So please read my review and I guarantee your game will be totally ten times better and possibly more, bro. READ THIS REVIEW MY MAN. ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️


I got the game a few months ago. Got on today and my baby looked anorexic.


i just downloaded it to make the baby fat a hell and to make it look like shane

Can baby die

Mine super fat it won't eat

boonk gang

i'm going to starve my baby to be a skinny anorexic legend


why is it so scary??? who created this?? what monster decided to create this game?? what nightmare brought this idea on?? please delete this from the app store because i can't delete it from my memory. i haven't slept for weeks because of this game and that, baby, if you can even call it that. please, for literally the fact it was a horrible idea in every sense of the phrase, delete this sweaty xx :-)


I love starving my baby it's the best thing ever and it's absolutely amazing!

I demand a black baby!👶🏿👶🏿👶🏿


Smh 😤

Bro, why is my baby not gaining any weight ?!? Ugh 😑

Seen on Facebook

I seen a meme on facebook about forgetting about it and accidentally letting it starve.. I'm trying the same thing tbh


I downloaded it just so I could starve it💀. And leave it in a dirty diaper💩.

Help me

The screen is so weird. I can only see the baby when I light is off. When it's on it's so bright. How do I fix this?!??

Seen the meme on instagram

The baby is ugly and I can't change its race but follow me on instagram sheso.angelic I feel bad if I delete it like it a abortion so I'm stuck taking care of it cuz I'd feel bad if it goes anorexic


How tf you feed this mf lol


Follow me 😛


Why is the baby only white ?

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